Thursday, June 19, 2008

Equipment added to my laboratory

Powder & Bulk Solids 2008 show is over in May, 2008. After the show, the following equipment is added to AAAmachine laboratory.

1) MATSUBO Elbow, Jet EJ-L3 -- VERY unique static fine air classifier to produce 3 fraction at one cut without using any rotor. Perfect for color toner, and very light powder.

2) ACO Cyclone Jet Floss Separator -- Unique Dust Remover with reasobale price. No moving parts. Perfect for the use just before any plastic injection molding machine.

3) Coulter Multisizer II (particle size measurement by counting)

This laboratory is very close to O'hare airport (15 min. drive).
Please call Carl at 800-996-0070 for details.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laboratory started to be organized!

AAAmachine has a small laboratory in Des Plaines, IL.
Oil free compressor installed last year.

In 2008, laboratory test can be stated soon.

1) Nisshin Turbo-Classifier TC-15NS
2) Coulter Multisizer II < on the way >
3) Exen air knocker
4) ACO Deduster (Cyclone Jet Floss Separator)
5) MATSUBO Elbow-Jet EJ-L3 (to be installed around March 15)

Laser type particle size measurement deveice (CILAS 1180) can be used upon request (in Winsconsin).

I am working on this project to start this tesing service soon.