Friday, December 14, 2007

Starting to introduce AAA rated equipment from overseas

I started introduing AAA rated powder handling equipment from overseas to US/Canadian potential cutomers. Many of such experienced manufacturers still do not have sales offices in North America. I am happy to communicate with potential users in North America who are looking for best suitable powder handling equipment.

My opinion is that it is very important to look for best-matching (not best) equipment from all over the world not just from North America. There are so many different type of powder handling equipment with ONLY-ONE technology in the world. Don't miss the chance to select the BEST-MATCHING equipment in the world. Carl Ishito/AAAmachine

Friday, November 2, 2007

AAAmachine blog just started!

Hi! Dear global powder technology users and suppliers,

My name is Dr. Carl Ishito @AAAmachine, Inc.

This blog can be easily used by all users and suppliers.

Users: If you find good/bad things with your current powder handling equipment manufactured outside of your country, please make a comment to manufacturers. Suppliers will reply or AAAmachine (global powder technology consultant) will contact your equipment manufacturer and get the response. You do not have to worry about language difference.

Suppliers: If you find a compaint or questions from your users, please reply to it and post your answer. If you have an anouncement to global users, please use this blog.

Let's start!!