Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BI-MODE component module (global supply chain system)

BI-MODE component module (global supply chain system
for parts using cloud computing technology)

For international parts sales, global supply chain system
will solve many problems. Please read the following page
for details.

** BI-MODE details page **

For internation parts sales, this will work in different lanuguage
circumstances - English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.
Chinese, French, Portuguese are about to be available.

2010 global trade show calendar for powder/bulk, chemical, food

Trade show news: 2010 global trade show calendar for

You can download a global exhibition calendar for
2008, 2009 from the following page. If you would like
one for 2010, it available at AAAmachine.

** exhibition calendar details page **

This list is not covering all internationa show, but, key exhibitons are all covered.

Trade show news: India Chem Gujarat 2009 (Gujarat, INDIA)

Trade show news: India Chem Gujarat 2009 (Gujarat, INDIA)

Date: December 12 (Sat) - 14 (Mon), 2009
Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat INDIA

AAAmachine, Inc. introduced the following US/Illinois
manufacturers to attendee and exhibitors in India
during India Chem Gujarat 2009 through Illinois India
- Prater-Sterling, FitzPatrcik, Modern Process Equipment, Dynamesh (all Illinois manufacturers)

** Idia Chem Gujarat 2009 details **

To persons who look for exhaust heat recovery

Are you throwing away 60-80 degree C hot water/air?
You can now recover an energy from this range of low
temperature exhaust.

MITSUBISHI AQSOA adsuptioin heat pump can
generate chilled water (10-15 degreeC)
even from this range of low temperature heat.

** Save Energy technology details **

Why MITSUBISHI AQSOA can achieve this
low temperature heat use (60-80degreeC)? ==> C.O.P. up to 9.5!! amazing tech.
Please read this article in details at the following web site.

To equipment searchers: When you buy a new dust collector

If you buy a new dust collector, it is very recommended
to weld round plate on the hopper area for the purpose of
future flow aid.

Even if the flow is smooth at the beginning, the powder
may become finer or stickier and could be clogged at the
discharge hopper. In order to avoid this situation, just
adding round plate to be welded on the hopper is recommended.
You can hit this plate when clogging or install air knocker
later. You can find the appropriate specifications from the
air knocker details as follows.

** Exen air knocker details **

To equipment searchers: Plastics recycles

If you are recycling plastics and would like to reduce
dust from pulverized pieces, zig-zag type dust remover
may still collect powder. In this case, round/smooth
cyclone type dust remover will work efficiently.

ACO Jet Separator - demonstration is available in Chicago.

** cyclone type Jet Separator details **

To equipment searchers: New equipment from Sankyo Pio-Tech

New equipment from Sankyo Pio-Tech - Stopless flow meter for powder/bulk/slurry

Stopless (continuous) flow meter (powder/bulk/slurry)
is introduced to global market by Sankyo Pio-Tech (Japan)
after over 20-year experience and successful results in Japan.

(1) Continuous flow meter for wet/dry materials without
using impact system/hopper scale.
(2) Not affected by air moving/pneumatic air
(3) Less space than hopper scale
(4) Dust tight, explosion proof, sanitary type are available.
** Stopless Flow Meter details **